Immersive & Classic eLearning
We Deliver

eLearning Consulting

Learning Performance.

Our experts span a range of industries- from Knowledge Management to Certifications.

Our clients rely on us for help with their toughest problems and to deal with challenging L&D goals.

Immersive Learning

Simulation training.

Cutting edge technology, AI integrations and learning psychology- we combine them all to craft trainings in AR, VR and MR that meet your learning objectives- always.

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Custom eLearning

Lessons on screens.

Development of custom modules to bring ideas to life.

Trust us to deliver be it interactive scenarios, localization, games, simulations or rapid content development.

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Our Capabilities

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Full Stack

In Detail

We are a full-service e-learning provider with a complete range of online training solutions for you. We work with end clients who are the world’s leading companies and also with specialist training providers to help them meet the skills and challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Working in partnership with our clients, Brand Kiln’s learning experts can offer support at any stage of the L&D process and plug your most critical gaps. From consultancy and training needs assessments to practical help with building storyboarded e-learning or translating existing courses, we can assist with design, development or delivery.

We offer the full mix of technologies and services coupled with proven AR / VR and XR training development capability.

Immersive Trainings

Reduce cognitive load in your trainings with our VR / AR trainings. Our learning psychologists blend creative experiences and deliver training modules that are fun, interactive and impactful.


We offer a video creation service from expert insights to full-scale scripted scenarios. Videos can be the right choice in bringing highly visual subjects alive or making behavioural change stick.

Learning Games

We work with you to create effective learning games, fit for purpose and tailored to your budget. We ensure our approach respects the learner, their learning environment and the objectives of the overall experience.

Quizes & Exams

Our learning designers focus on learning objectives and create methods for assessment designed to meet a wide range of validation levels. Brand Kiln’s range covers simple knowledge checks till high stakes online examination.


Scenarios are one of our favoured choices in applied learning and ensuring the learner is challenged in realistic situations. We use a range of techniques to achieve this impact, reflecting client objectives and budgets.


We support our clients with localization capabilities of 30+ global languages.
We use native language speakers to deliver seamless integration into your eLearning modules along with professional style guides and benchmark content.



Lets Start a Conversation

Conversations open the doors to collaboration. We would love to hear your learning goals and challenges- and jointly we can figure out the best way forward! Let’s connect.

A Brief on

Our Process

We work with your subject matter experts to create an approach to learning that captures the richness of the subject without dumbing-down the content.

We use the best medium to achieve the learning objectives. We don’t assume all learning needs will be captured in e-learning, and where needed, our team can develop a complete, blended solution.

By taking an open-minded approach to content development, our solutions deliver flexible, sustainable programmes that work now and in the future.

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