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Metaverse Roadmap

We help you grasp the nuances and opportunities specific to your brand to create a holistic, end-to-end approach to your Metaverse strategy.

1. Your role in the Metaverse
2. Roadmap to leverage emerging opportunities
3. Capabilities, talent and operating model for You

Use Case Execution

We help you zero in on the most promising metaverse use cases, and take them from prototype to at-scale deployment

1. Assessment of business ROI
2. Alignment with company vision
3. Design, build and launch experiences

Metaverse Build

Our implementation aligns your short-mid-long term vision with a single-window delivery model from conception to execution

1. Capabilities and technical infrastructure assessment
2. Metaverse conception and functionality
3. Deployment at scale and ongoing support
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Our Expertise

  1. Metaverse strategy
  2. Metaverse platform development
  3. Metaverse brand home deployment
  4. Immersive Learning Metaverse
  5. NFT implementation
  6. Business applications with AI/ML
  7. 3D websites

Early Metaverse PhD

Our foundations in pedagogy and understanding of consumer behaviour reinforces our strong technical skills and defines our USP. This is further reinforced by one of the earliest ongoing PhD research projects on the Metaverse by our founder, Manas Dewan.

Our co-founder Anuradha also holds a PhD in Philosophy and unlocks ethical and epistemic pedagogy into our deployments.


Our 99-Point Metaverse Assesment Framework

Our method of Metaverse assessment leverages a 99-point framework curated by our founder during his ongoing PhD on Metaverse. A global benchmark unsurpassed by any existing player today, it captures every dimension of organizational aspiration and enables scientific mapping of desired outcomes.

Can you ask for a better partner to steer your metaverse vision?


Our Metaverse Consuting Team

We believe that device interoperability (mobile, desktop and wearables) is at the core of optimizing the metaverse experiences for business gains. Our consulting experts collaborate with leading global players that are building the metaverse, players providing hardware and software as well as other enablers to ensure the best-fit for your specific requirements.

Our Focus

Partnering Your Growth

While other consultants are scattered in their application areas, we remain focused on delivering sound value for our clients with Metaverse applications in three specific areas:
  • Next-generation customer experiences
  • Employee collaboration, learning, and engagement
  • Immersive environment for augmented operations
We collaborate with forward-looking global organizations in delivering optimum value for their metaverse investments.
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We are currently engaged with niche global players aligned with our advisory services and metaverse deployment.

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