Within each, there beats a heart
Getting personal, now that's a start
You deserve to transcend ordinary
Let us craft your unique story
Within each, there beats a heart
Getting personal, now that's a start
You deserve to transcend ordinary
Let us craft your unique story

Psychology: Blending intuition with influence

“Success is when the audience choses a path envisioned by you”

The Business Conundrum

As a leader, you have directed your energies into optimizing your products, services and touchpoints. But have you realized that operational improvements alone do not necessarily result in proportional increase in customer conversion or employee learning scores? It is here that our insights into psychology can unlock the latent potential.

Mind Over Matter

Interactions are strongly influenced by several considerations including, for example, the sequence in which audiences encounter painful and pleasurable experiences. We focus on such principles, blending insight with experience to help you create meaningful encounters that drive results.

Making It Count

Insights into Consumer Psychology guide our content creators, designers and technocrats. When we strategize branding or learning content, we use behavioural insights to enhance the impact of your messaging. Our objective is to direct emotions which translate into desired outcomes for your brand.

From wireframes to final delivery we remain focused on driving results and help you unlock the true potential of your branding and learning content.

Curious about Psychological markers?

Here are a few out of our magic hat:

Method 1 Brand KilnThe human mind seeks an early, strong “peg” around which it bases decision making. To leverage the insight, we seek out that one significant advantage (the consumer’s Big Gain) as the starting point and craft other highlights around this anchor.

At Brand Kiln, we make sure to blend our insights with domain understanding and knowledge of category behaviour to create compelling projects.

Method 2 Brand KilnMessages work best around the collective. In our communication planning we orient multiple narratives towards a common message. We create multiple “spins” of the same message. These are narratives which adapt to various platforms – stories well told with a common message that resonates with the audience.

At Brand Kiln we know it well: iconic brands are those that tell the most compelling stories.

Method 3 Brand KilnThe Base Rate Bias holds that people place great value on specific personalized messages – higher than generic but more important content. In communication design, we focus upon specific, relatable ‘information nuggets’ that invariably achieve higher impact as compared to information cramming.

In our behaviour design, we consider common shared attributes of audiences to weave stories that touch the heart of audiences.

Method 4 Brand KilnMost humans are programed to run with the herd (that well-explains the long queues at popular food joints). Better framed as the ‘Cheerleader effect’ we use it well by anticipating the category triggers when people love and follow the behaviour of others.

With experience, we have learnt how to use the Cheerleader Effect to drive resonance and influence audiences in favour of your brand.

Method 5 Brand KilnStorytelling is the subtle art of using relatable experiences that has wider appeal yet resonates with each member. Even with technical topics, we transcend the mass of data and seek out emotional pegs to create a strong impact. To quote Jamie Turner: “People will buy things emotionally and then logically explain their choices.”

We at Brand Kiln know it well: facts tell; stories sell.

Our Process

Good results follow good processes. Here’s how we handle our projects:

  1. Discover:
    • Discussions and agreement on project details
    • Sign-off on rollout schedule and feedback process
  2. Design:
    • Wireframes & themes
    • Text & visual content
  3. Develop:
    • Flowcharts & databases
    • Modelling & Finalization
  4. Deploy:
    • Quality Check & Beta test
    • Go Live & Deployment
  5. Drive:
    • Maintenance & support
    • Further improvement and Optimization
Method 6 Brand Kiln